Breeding Pairings

2020 pairings is a bit of a no brainer, considering we only have 1 breeder size male and 7 breeder size females, we utilize what we have. However, with the risk of breeding a male to death we started with 4 of our unproven girls.

Hamsta. The handsome devil himself. My awesome buddy and patriarch of Alien Reptile.

I could say I had a well drawn out plan but, the truth is I go with a Bill Belichick approach, I start with a plan but constantly adapt with the info and opportunity we get.

My initial pairings were Hamsta (Puzzle het Hypo) with Blanche (Hypo Mojave), Story (Hypo poss. Super Pastel Mystic), River Song (Leopard Mojave), Maleficent (Super Mystic),

After talking to Matt Lee, a local breeder with much more experience, I expanded our breeding program to include Grace (DH Hypo Puzzle), and an Ultramel Mojave Enchi girl split clutch with Matt. Prior to speaking to Matt, I decided to keep Grace “on the shelf”, but Matt explained why that would be a mistake. After discussing it over with Stephanie we decided to take his advice and add her to the schedule.

Peaches (Hypo Pastel Butter) started a fast at roughly 1,700 grams at the beginning of December so we decided to add her to this year’s breeding program.


As I type this on Christmas day, 2020, I’m glad to say Hamsta has atleast 1 lock on each female with up to 3 on the original girls. Hamsta is still holding his weight. Hopefully, with 1.5 months to go, he will continue to hold his weight. If not, no big deal. His well being is priority. A couple of gravid females is a great season.

“Matilda” (Ultramel Mojave Enchi) from Matt Lee from ML Exotics.
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